The way most graphite shafts are made, it’s impossible to create two that are the same. Let alone 10,000 shafts. They’re flawed because they’re made by hand. And they’re creating wayward shots.

Even the shafts pros use have serious consistency problems. That’s why it’s such a big deal when a tour player has to replace a shaft. It’s impossible to get a new shaft that feels or performs the same if that shaft is made by hand.


TPT shafts change the rules. They’re made with Continuous Fiber, an automated manufacturing process that makes our shafts incredibly precise.

Continuous Fiber helps golfers play better. We guarantee it.

If golfers aren’t seeing the same improved performance with a TPT Driver Shaft they saw in their fitting, they can return it to their fitter within 30 days of purchase.*

Offer not available in all countries.


The best material for golf shafts is carbon fiber. Not Kevlar or all the other new materials that have been hyped through the years. Carbon fiber is the way to go, and we use it to the best of our abilities.

For our new Red Range shafts, we developed Thin-Ply 2.0. It’s an even stronger and tougher carbon fiber formulation that pushes the performance of TPT shafts even further.


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