Automatic Improvement… We Guarantee It

With TPT Red Range shafts, you can be certain that the shaft you’re selling will perform at the highest possible level.

This is because Red Range shafts are made with Continuous Fiber, a fully automated shaft manufacturing process that removes spine to create a new standard of performance.

And we stand behind our shafts. We call it the Automatic Improvement Guarantee.*

If your clients aren’t seeing the same improved performance on the course that they saw in their fitting, they can return or exchange their Red Range shaft. We’ll take back our shaft at no cost to you.

*Automatic Improvement Guarantee not available in all countries.

We Bring The Customers To You

What if you could sell an extra 200 clubs this season? An extra 400 clubs? This is what we strive to offer Red Range Authorized Fitters through digital advertising.

This geotargeted advertising is free of charge to TPT Authorized Fitters and fully handled by our team. And you can count on it sending new clients to your website and social media channels every month.

We Make Marketing Easy

To make the promotion of your business easy, we also provide Authorized Fitters with a Marketing Kit every month.

The monthly marketing kit includes in-depth articles about shaft fitting, as well as videos, social media posts, and email graphics that will help you generate more business.

Ordering is Fast and Simple

When you buy shafts through TPT, you won’t need to deal with time-consuming money transfers. Our seamless online ordering portal makes it fast and simple to pay.

With TPT, you can order any time of day and from any location. And when you place an order, you’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as it is received. You’ll also be able to view the status of your order any time by logging in. You can even edit your order while it’s being processed.

We use PayPal to securely accept all major credit cards. Because our payment options are powered by PayPal, you can safely store your payment methods to speed up future orders.

TPT 15 Series

Advanced Education For You And Your Team

Even the best golf shaft is only as good as its fitting. For that reason, we’ve developed an Online Driver Shaft Fitting Course to help Authorized Fitters understand how to get the most out of their TPT shafts.

And whether you sell TPT or something else, you’re going to want to soak up all 2 hours of knowledge from TPT Head of Performance Jon Sinclair, who regularly works with PGA Tour players on their equipment and biomechanics.

These courses are free for all TPT Red Range Authorized Fitters and their staff and will continue to be launched as we release new products.

Room For Growth

Our company’s goal is not to put TPT shafts on the wall of every fitter. We want to build long-term relationships that protect both of our interests. That means the time is now to become a TPT Authorized Fitter.

We’ll soon be upending the premium shaft categories for fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges. And we’ll be able to share more of those details very soon.

Start providing your clients with access to the best possible performance today.


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