Dubai Desert Classic Champion Dominates with TPT Golf


RENENS, SWITZERLAND — The winner of the European Tour’s Dubai Desert Classic trusted a TPT Golf shaft in his driver for his dominating, seven-stroke victory at the Emirates Golf Club. The 25-year-old has now won four times in five months using a TPT Golf 14 MKP-LT Prototype shaft.

“Congratulations to the champion on yet another impressive victory,” says TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang. “He is proving to the golf world that it doesn’t have to accept the status quo. There is always a better way, and that’s what we’ve set out to bring golfers with our automated golf shaft manufacturing technologies.”

The 14 MKP-LT Prototype: Coming Spring 2019

TPT Golf will be officially launching the 14 MKP-LT to its network of more than 200 Authorized Fitters located around the world in early Spring 2019. What’s distinct about the 14 MKP-LT is that its profile been optimized for golfers with driver swing speeds greater than 115 mph.

The 14 MKP-LT is created with the same patent-pending, automated manufacturing technologies as TPT Golf’s current line of 11 driver shafts: Thin-Ply Technology® and the Thin-Ply Winding Method.

Thin-Ply Technology®: Thinner, More Precise Prepreg

Thin-Ply Technology is the process TPT Golf uses to creates its incredibly thin and precise carbon fiber prepreg material. The company manufactures prepreg that’s as light as 15 grams per square meter, which is four-times thinner than a human hair and one-quarter the weight of a page of paper.

Thin-Ply Winding Method: Defying Performance Limits

The Thin-Ply Winding Method is a patent-pending process TPT Golf developed so that it could position its prepreg in the exact locations and orientations necessary to defy the current performance limits in a golf shaft. This automated process also brings repeatability to TPT Golf’s designs, allowing the company to create identical shafts time after time without seams or spines.

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