The Only Shafts That Make Fairway Woods Easier To Hit

The fairway wood shaft you’re playing now… it wasn’t designed for a fairway wood. It was designed for a driver, and that means it’s not fully optimized. Golfers rarely hit drivers off the deck because the modern driver is not designed for it. And yet golfers have accepted that using driver shafts in fairway woods is OK. Not anymore.

If you’ve always liked your driver or hybrid more than your fairway wood, the problem is most likely the shaft. TPT Red Range Fairway Wood shafts were developed specifically for fairway woods and all the shots golfers need to hit with them.

The Perfect Match For Your Driver Shaft

Golf is a game of consistency, so it never made sense to us that golfers would use a driver shaft in their driver and another driver shaft in their fairway wood and expect them both to be optimized.

We designed Red Range Fairway Wood shafts exclusively for fairway woods, and we made them feel just like Red Range Driver shafts. Simply put, the Red Range Driver shafts and Red Range Fairway Wood shafts are designed to go together.

How Has This Never Been Done Before?

There’s a good reason why we’re the first shaft manufacturer to match the feel of our fairway wood shafts and our driver shafts.

Other shaft companies make their shafts by hand, so it’s impossible for them to make consistent shafts. Even the shafts tour players use have what are known as seams or “spine,” imperfections that are the result of making shafts by hand. This gives the big shaft companies little control over the way a shaft feels beyond a certain point.

TPT Red Range shafts are produced with Continuous Fiber, an automated manufacturing method our company developed to remove these imperfections. It’s a new standard of precision. And because TPT Red Range Fairway Wood shafts are so precise, we can fine tune their feel in a way that’s impossible to do with shafts made by hand.


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