Become a TPT Certified Fitter

Learn From The Best

Learn the secrets of the world’s best club fitters in the new TPT Driver Shaft Fitting Course.

In this 2-hour course with TPT Head of Performance Jon Sinclair, you’ll get insider access to the insights, knowledge, and technologies that PGA Tour Fitters use to help their golfers hit it longer and straighter

Investment: $150 USD*

*Full rebate for companies that purchase six demo shafts within 30 days.

What Is Covered

  • Shaft Manufacturing
  • Fitting Technologies
  • Fitting Tools
  • Torque, Frequency, Weight, Flex
  • Robot Testing, Gears Testing
  • Fitting Handicap Golfers
  • Fitting Tour Players
  • Club Building Tricks

Who This Is For

  • Fitters
  • Teachers
  • Golf Fitness Pros
  • Golf Retailers
  • Tour Players
  • College Players
  • PGM Students
  • Serious Golfers

Earn Accreditation

This course offers accreditation as a TPT Certified Fitter through a passing grade on the final exam. All Certified Fitters will receive a custom high-resolution TPT Certified Fitter certificate (PDF) for display.

TPT 15 Series


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