Hit The Sweet Spot More Often

Consistency Drives Performance

Are your mishits happening because of your swing… or your shaft? It’s more complicated than you might think.

Golf shafts have been made with the same handmade roll-wrapping process for decades, and it causes problems for fitters and their customers. That’s because even the most premium carbon fiber shafts have inconsistencies that don’t allow two shafts to feel the same… even if they’re supposed to be the same.

And if two shafts don’t feel the same, they can’t perform the same.

Better Shots Start With Better Impact

Our parent company, NTPT, is a world leader in the creation of thin and strong carbon fiber prepreg for high-performance industries. We applied their decades of research to create a new shaft manufacturing process that improves performance and precision.

That’s how TPT shafts enable golfers to swing faster, have more control over the club face, and most importantly, contact the center of the club face more often.

Three Shafts With The Same Feel

We currently offer TPT shafts for Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids. Each is developed with the same ultra-premium materials and Continuous Fiber, our automated shaft manufacturing process that delivers the highest possible level of precision.

More importantly, all three shafts feel the same even though they’re designed for different club heads. So not only do TPT shafts allow you to hit the sweet spot more often, but you’ll gain even more consistency by playing a driver shaft, a fairway wood shaft, and a hybrid shaft that all feel the same.


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