The Problem With Your Hybrid… Is The Shaft

Hybrids are supposed to make golf easier, but for the vast majority of golfers, they haven’t lived up to the hype.

Most golfers don’t hit their hybrids nearly as straight as their irons. If you’re a better player, you know it’s also harder to control your trajectory with a hybrid than it is with an iron.

If you have a hybrid in your bag that you don’t like, we have good news. The club head is fine. The problem is the shaft you’re using.

More Layers Creates More Errors

Hybrid shafts should be heavier than driver and fairway wood shafts, and this is the problem. To make a carbon fiber shaft heavier, additional layers of material have to be added to increase the weight.

The heavier a conventional graphite shaft is, the more inconsistent it is. Think about what club builders do to make a grip thicker. They add additional layers of grip tape. And for each additional layer of grip tape they add, it becomes harder for them to lay the grip tape at the same angle and in the same place.

This is almost identical to the process the big golf shaft companies use to make heavier shafts. They’re making their shafts by hand, and every time they add an additional layer of carbon fiber to a shaft, they’re adding another layer of inconsistency.

Imperfect grip tape isn’t a problem, but an imperfect golf shaft is because golfers rely on it for timing and energy transfer.

You Can Fix Your Hybrid With A More Consistent Shaft

TPT Red Range Hybrid shafts solve the problems with today’s hybrid shafts because they’re not made by hand; they’re made with an automated process we call “Continuous Fiber.” Using this automated manufacturing process, we can add as many layers of carbon fiber as necessary without compromising our precision. 

Our Red Range Driver and Fairway Wood shafts are the most consistent golf carbon fiber shafts in the industry, and our hybrid shafts are just as consistent. Finally, hybrids can live up to the hype. 

With TPT Red Range Hybrid Shafts, you’re going to hit your hybrids a lot straighter… and better players are going to be able to control their trajectories a lot better with our hybrid shafts.

“I’ve never hit my hybrids this straight, and all I did was change the shaft. Spin stabilized and Dispersion got 50% better.”

— Ben Crane, 5-Time PGA TOUR WINNER

The Perfect Match

Because TPT Red Range Hybrid shafts are made with Continuous Fiber, we have the ability to perfectly match their feel with their corresponding Red Range Driver Shaft and Fairway Wood shaft. 

So if you’re using a TPT Red Range 17 Hi driver and fairway wood shaft, for example, adding a 17 Hi Hybrid shaft will be a match made in heaven. It will feel just like your driver and fairway wood shaft with a weight and profile that’s optimal for hybrids.


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