3 Things To Know: Red Range Fairway Wood Shafts

No. 1 The Most Precise Fairway Wood Shafts Ever Created

The golf industry rarely develops shafts specifically for fairway woods, and there’s a good reason for this. Because the big shaft companies produce their shafts by hand, they cannot make the fine-tuned adjustments necessary to produce high-performing fairway wood shafts that are the perfect match for a driver shaft.

The Red Range Fairway Wood shafts were created to be one thing: the best fairway wood shaft you’ve ever used. Nothing more. Nothing less.

No. 2 A Fairway Wood Shaft Has Never Felt Like A Driver Shaft Before

Until now. With Continuous Fiber, there is almost no limit to the number of profiles and feels we can create with our shafts.

Why wouldn’t you want your fairway wood shaft to feel just like your driver shaft, and vice versa? Initially, the Red Range Fairway Woods will be available in our eight most popular profiles:

Stay tuned for the release of 14 Series, 15 Series, 20 Series, and 21 Series Red Range Fairway Wood shafts that are coming soon.

No. 3 A Higher Launch Is What You Want

Because fairway woods need to be hit from the ground, a fully optimized fairway wood shaft should launch the ball higher than a driver shaft. And because a fairway wood is a shorter club than a driver, a fairway wood shaft should also be heavier than a driver shaft to make the two clubs feel as similar as possible.

All Red Range Fairway Wood shafts have those two things in common. Leave the rest up to your TPT Authorized Fitter, who will make sure you’re fully optimized.


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