Why Fitting Is So Important With TPT Golf Shafts

For every golfer, there’s that one tee shot. You close your eyes and imagine exactly what you want. A high draw over the corner that lets you get home in two? A baby cut that darts down the center of the fairway?

Whatever the perfect tee shot is to you, we’re confident that a TPT Golf shaft can help you hit more of them. We know this because we’ve created a completely new technology for making golf shafts that allows all golfers to hit longer, straighter and more consistent drives.

We do need to clarify something before we go any further. For golfers to realize the full benefits of our technology, it’s important that they visit a TPT Golf Authorized Fitter and undergo a professional fitting that identifies the best shaft for their game. Otherwise, there’s a good chance they won’t get the measurably better performance we’re promising.

Sure, you could swing your friend’s TPT Golf shaft and find yourself hitting longer, straighter drives. “This one is perfect,” you might think, and there’s a chance you could be right. There’s also a chance your performance could be falling short.

In recent months, we’ve received many requests from golfers who want to buy our shafts without a fitting. They tell us that they’ve always used a 75X or a 60S shaft and say, “Just ship me something similar.” While we’re incredibly excited that these golfers want to purchase a shaft from us, we have to decline such requests. As a company, we’re about taking performance to the next level. We strive to leave nothing to chance.

Ask any leading golf instructor or top club fitter and they’ll tell you the same thing — the shafts most golfers think will be best for their game rarely are, and that’s especially true with TPT Golf shafts.

If you’ve researched our shafts, you’ve probably seen that they’re not labeled by weight and flex like conventional golf shafts. Instead, we use a system of numbers and letters to distinguish the characteristics of our shafts. The result is a fine-tuned line of driver and fairway wood shafts that prioritize dynamic performance over static measurements.

We know that $499 is a lot of money to spend on a shaft, and that’s why we only sell shafts through a network of fitters that meet the highest standards. It’s how we ensure that golfers are purchasing shafts that truly do take their performance to the next level.

By visiting a TPT Golf Authorized Fitter, you won’t need to worry about making the wrong choice. You won’t need to become an expert in bend profile or carbon fiber modulus. You can simply concentrate on making good swings and trust that your fitter will guide you to the model that allows you to get every last bit of distance and accuracy that’s possible.

Click here to locate a TPT Golf Authorized Fitter near you and schedule a fitting.


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