The Perfect Match For Your Driver Shaft: TPT Launches Red Range Fairways Wood Shafts

RENENS, SWITZERLAND — TPT has announced its new Red Range Fairway Wood shafts, the industry’s only lineup of fairway wood shafts that are a perfect match for a driver shaft.

Red Range Fairway Wood shafts were created to improve performance and consistency across a golfer’s woods. They have a truly identical feel to the TPT Red Range Driver shafts, bringing a new standard of precision to the essentially ignored category of fairway wood shafts.

“Because we’re a Swiss company and a newcomer to the golf industry, we have a different perspective,” said TPT Chairman Francois Mordasini. “We asked ourselves, ‘Why are fairway woods the most challenging clubs for most golfers to hit?’ And it was clear one of the main reasons was the shaft.”

“The industry cannot fix this problem, because the way it makes shafts is imprecise,” Mordasini continued. “So the best it can do is create many different driver shafts and hope one might work in a fairway wood. This is a bad approach, and with the Red Range Fairway Woods we’re creating a better way forward.” 

The Perfect Match

TPT Red Range Driver Shafts and TPT Red Range Fairway Wood shafts are designed to be “The Perfect Match” and make the fitting process more precise and faster for club fitters. Just as importantly, it allows golfers to benefit from a consistent feel across their woods.

The truly identical feel TPT’s Technical Team was able to create between the Red Range Driver shafts and Fairway Wood shafts is remarkable given the different profiles of the shafts, with each of the Red Range Fairway Wood shafts needing to create a higher trajectory and be heavier in weight than its matching Red Range Driver shaft.

Automatic Improvement With Continuous Fiber

Like TPT’s Red Range Driver shafts, the Red Range Fairway Wood shafts were developed using the advanced design software created by TPT’s parent company, NTPT, which is best known for fueling the transformation of the America’s Cup yacht racing with its carbon fiber expertise. 

Red Range Fairway Wood shafts are created with TPT’s revolutionary manufacturing process, Continuous Fiber, a fully automated construction method developed by TPT to remove the imperfections that exist in today’s graphite shafts. These inconsistencies, known as seams or “spine” lead to a loss in performance and consistency.

The Red Range Fairway Wood Shafts also utilize Thin-Ply 2.0, the ultra-thin and ultra-light material TPT has developed to unlock the full potential of its shaft profiles. Thin-Ply 2.0 is created using the highest quality carbon fiber and proprietary resins TPT has engineered specifically for use in its golf shafts. 

Pricing And Profiles

TPT Red Range Fairway Wood Shafts ($600 MSRP) shafts will be released in the company’s eight most popular profiles. Initially, limited quantities will be available. Additional quantities and additional profiles will be released in the near future. 

Red Range Fairway Wood Shafts Now Available

Availability: Golfers And Club Fitters

TPT shafts are available at more than 180 Authorized Fitting locations around the world. Golfers can locate their nearest TPT Authorized Fitter here, as the team is growing quickly.

Club fitters interested in offering TPT Red Range Driver Shafts and Fairway Wood shafts to their customers can inquire at


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