Three Shafts With The Same Feel

Unlock Maximum Performance

Wouldn’t you be more consistent if your driver shaft, fairway wood shaft, and hybrid shaft all had the same feel? That’s one of the most important benefits of switching to TPT.

Our Red Range Driver, Fairway Wood, and Hybrid Shafts are designed to unlock maximum performance and feel the same. And once you identify the best TPT shaft model for your game, you can play the matching driver shaft, fairway wood shaft, and hybrid shaft to create unrivaled consistency and take your game to the next level.

Every TPT Red Range shaft is made with Continuous Fiber, our automated manufacturing process that allows us to create the most precise golf shafts in the world. Because our shafts are so precise, they can be fully optimized to provide maximum performance for any driver, fairway wood, or hybrid.

Whether you swing 60 mph or 130+ mph, there’s a TPT shaft that will be a perfect match for your game.

Unrivaled Consistency

When your driver, fairway wood, and hybrid shafts feel the same, you can forget about your clubs and focus on your shots.

Our Driver Shafts generate maximum distance, our Fairway Wood shafts are easy to launch, and our Hybrid Shafts make your hybrids as easy to control as your long irons.

What’s amazing is that although these shafts are designed specifically for different club heads, they still feel the same.

The Next Level Of Precision

With other shafts, it’s impossible to match the feel of your driver, fairway wood, and hybrid shafts. That’s because they’re made by hand. TPT shafts are made by machines and that allows us to fine tune their performance and feel in ways our competitors simply cannot.

We call it Swiss Precision. Our tour pros just call it “better.”


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