TPT Expands Red Range Driver Shafts Lineup With 20 Series, 21 Series

RENENS, SWITZERLAND — TPT is expanding its all-new Red Range shaft lineup with two new driver shafts: the 20 Series and 21 Series. They are the first TPT shafts to achieve a weight below 50 grams.

The 20 Hi (48 grams) and 21 Hi (45 grams) were developed to offer slower-swing-speed golfers a new level of performance through TPT’s patent-pending automated shaft manufacturing process, Continuous Fiber. They are constructed with Thin-Ply 2.0, the same ultra-thin carbon fiber prepreg used in all Red Range shafts.

“For a very long time, slow-swing-speed golfers have had to settle for golf shafts of lesser quality and performance due to the outdated manufacturing processes that are used to create today’s shafts,” says TPT Co-Founder François Mordasini.

“Continuous Fiber changes that. With our automated manufacturing process, we can make golf shafts that are very light and flexible, and we can make them to the same high standards as the shafts we’re sending to PGA Tour players.”

Continuous Fiber: No Seams, No Spine, No Nonsense

TPT developed the Continuous Fiber manufacturing process with the support of its parent company, NTPT, a world-renowned technology firm based in Renens, Switzerland that specializes in advanced carbon fiber materials and constructions.

Continuous Fiber removes performance-reducing flaws known as “spine” that are present in today’s carbon fiber golf shafts. It is these flaws that make it impossible for any two handmade shafts to feel and perform the same.

The Automatic Improvement Guarantee

The all-new Red Range shafts fully replace the TPT original shaft lineup, the Blue Range. And with the Red Range, TPT is removing any doubt that its automated manufacturing technology will take golfers further.

The Red Range introduces the Automatic Improvement Guarantee, a statement of the confidence from TPT that its Red Range shafts will offer golfers longer drives, straighter drives, and more confidence when fit by a TPT Authorized Fitter.

The Automatic Improvement Guarantee is simple. If golfers aren’t seeing the same improved performance with a TPT shaft that they saw in their fitting, they can return it to their participating TPT Authorized fitter within 30 days of purchase for a return or exchange.

Pricing And Availability

The 20 Hi and 21 Hi shafts are available at TPT Authorized Fitters located around the world. MSRP is $600 USD.

Golfers can locate an Authorized Fitter near them at


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