TPT Expands Red Range Fairway Wood Shaft Lineup With 20 Series, 21 Series

RENENS, SWITZERLAND — TPT is expanding its all-new Red Range Fairway Wood Shaft lineup with the 20 Series and 21 Series. Developed specifically for fairway wood club heads, the Red Range 20 Series and 21 Series Fairway Woods Shafts allow golfers with slower swing speeds to achieve a high and stable ball flight so they can take full advantage of today’s lower-launching, lower-spinning fairway wood club heads.

“The most common thing we hear from golfers that are fitted for a Red Range Driver Shaft is, ‘Can I play this in my fairway wood?’ said TPT Chairman François Mordasini. “We wanted to offer these golfers a lineup of shafts developed specifically for their fairway woods so they can optimize their fairway wood play and also perfectly match the feel of their driver shaft.”

With the 20 Series and 21 Series Fairway Wood Shafts, TPT now has a perfect match for its four most popular driver shaft ranges — the 16 Series, 17, Series, 18 Series, and 19 Series — as well as its 20 Series and 21 Series Driver Shafts developed for slower-swing-speed golfers.

The 20 Series and 21 Series Fairway Wood Shafts are currently available in TPT’s Hi profile. Like all TPT Red Range shafts, the 20 Hi Fairway Wood Shafts and 21 Hi Fairway Wood Shafts are created with Continuous Fiber, TPT’s automated manufacturing process developed to eliminate the imperfections present in all conventional graphite shafts.

The TPT Red Range Fairway Wood Shafts are made with Thin-Ply 2.0, the prepreg material TPT developed exclusively for use in its golf shaft division. This ultra-premium material employs the highest quality carbon fiber and a newly developed resin formulation that creates an unmatched level of durability.

The Red Range Fairway Wood Shafts ($600 MSRP) are available exclusively at more than 180 TPT Authorized Fitters located around the world.


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