TPT Golf Builds on PGA Tour Success, Adds Arnie Cunningham To Team


RENENS, SWITZERLAND – To support the fast-growing group of PGA Tour players who are relying on TPT Golf shafts to deliver a higher level of performance and consistency to their games, TPT Golf has hired Arnie Cunningham as Director of PGA Tour Promotions.

“Arnie is a perfect addition to our team because our goals are the same,” says TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang. “We want to offer golfers the shafts and fitting expertise they need to play their absolute best. No one on the PGA Tour is more experienced than Arnie in doing exactly that.”

Cunningham is one of the PGA Tour’s most trusted fitters and brand representatives. He’s also the most experienced rep on the PGA Tour, attending nearly 1,250 tournaments in his 33 years inside the ropes. In that time, Cunningham has earned the respect of his peers and PGA Tour players while working with leading brands such as TaylorMade, Cobra, SeeMore, Sunice, Pride Sports and SuperStroke.

With Cunningham, TPT Golf will build on the success the company’s shafts have already achieved on the leading professional and amateur golf tours. In the last six months, TPT Golf shafts have been used to earn six wins on the PGA Tour, European Tour, Champions Tour and Asian Tour, as well as a World Golf Championship event and a NCAA Division 1 men’s tournament.

“It’s great to be part of the TPT Golf team,” Cunningham says. “[NTPT Chairman] François [Mordasini] and Sebastian [Sebayang] are great people, and I was immediately impressed with the new technology their team created for making better golf shafts. TPT Golf has already earned the respect of many PGA Tour players — a very hard thing for a new shaft company to do. That speaks to the performance TPT Golf offers.”

TPT Golf has also partnered with Scott E.G. Golf, an independent, mobile equipment workshop that travels with the PGA Tour. The tour truck is operated by renowned master club builder Scott E. Garrison, who provides equipment services for many of the PGA Tour’s top players from tournament to tournament. Scott E.G. Golf carries TPT Golf’s full product line, allowing PGA Tour players to exhaustively test the company’s revolutionary golf shaft technology before putting TPT Golf shafts into play.

“We are pleased to have TPT Golf come on board this season,” Garrison says. “We are the most technologically advanced truck on the PGA Tour, so it would only be fitting to host one of the most revolutionary new shafts on the market. It is a smooth and stable shaft that allows one to hit a straight shot and not worry about missing the fairway. It has been well received by the players.”

TPT Golf’s current shaft lineup includes 11 distinct models intended for drivers and fairway woods. Each is created with “Thin-Ply Technology,” an automated manufacturing process TPT Golf developed from the ground up to ensure superior performance for golfers of all abilities.

Thin-Ply Technology is patent-pending, robot-driven manufacturing process that allows TPT Golf to independently optimize each shaft design parameter so that golfers can realize improved distance, better accuracy and more consistency. It also ensures a perfectly concentric shaft with no seams, allowing TPT Golf to create shafts that are finely tuned to precise specifications time after time.

TPT Golf shafts ($499 each) are available exclusively through the company’s worldwide network of Authorized Fitters, including all Club Champion locations in the U.S. Golfers can visit to locate a TPT Golf Authorized Fitter in their area.

About TPT Golf

TPT Golf is the golf division of North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), a Swiss-based technology and composites company with a track record of delivering innovative solutions for high-performance industries.

The company’s portfolio of advancements includes developing a process for producing America’s Cup yacht sails, as well as lightweight bodywork of F1 race cars, skis and snowboards. It has also created the materials technology found in satellites and luxury composite watches (Richard Mille). The record-breaking, solar-powered aircraft “Solar Impulse” also relied on NTPT-produced materials for its epic journey.

For more information on TPT Golf™, visit or contact Mary Beth Lacy at or (760) 346-6942.



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