TPT Golf Earns First PGA Tour Win at Farmers Insurance Open


RENENS, SWITZERLAND – TPT Golf has earned its first PGA Tour win at The Farmers Insurance Open. The winner of the event used a TPT Golf shaft in his driver and his fairway wood in route to his playoff victory at Torrey Pines. In total, there were six TPT Golf shafts in play at The Farmers Insurance Open.

With the victory, TPT Golf shafts have been used to win on the PGA Tour, European Tour, Asian Tour and World Golf Championships in a period of less than four months.

“Congratulations to the winner of The Farmers Insurance Open on his hard-fought victory,” says TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang. “It’s an incredible start to 2018 for TPT Golf. To see our shafts used to win a PGA Tour event is a dream come true for our team. We’re so proud to see our technology being chosen by the best golfers in the world.”

The shafts used by The Farmers Insurance Open champion are prototypes that are currently being tested on the worldwide professional tours. The prototypes shafts are made to the same exceptionally high standards as TPT Golf’s retail shafts. The only difference is that the prototype shafts are created with different bend profiles that TPT Golf is currently validating with the best golfers in the world.

Like TPT Golf’s 11 current retail shaft models, the prototype shafts are created with the company’s “Thin-Ply Winding Method,” a revolutionary, automated manufacturing process that ensures unrivaled consistency and unlocks superior performance for golfers of all abilities.

The Thin-Ply Winding Method is patent-pending, robot-driven manufacturing process allows TPT Golf to independently optimize each shaft design parameter so that golfers can realize improved distance, better accuracy and more consistency. It also creates a perfectly concentric shaft with no seams, allowing TPT Golf to create shafts that are finely tuned to precise specifications time after time.

TPT Golf shafts ($499 each) are available exclusively through the company’s worldwide network of Authorized Fitters. Golfers can visit to locate a TPT Golf Authorized Fitter in their area. TPT Golf is currently in the process of expanding its network of Authorized Fitters to offer more golfers around the world a new level of performance. Details of the expansion will be shared in the near future.

About TPT Golf

TPT Golf is the golf division of North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), a Swiss-based technology and composites company with a track record of delivering innovative solutions for high-performance industries.

The company’s portfolio of advancements includes developing a process for producing America’s Cup yacht sails, as well as lightweight bodywork of F1 race cars, skis and snowboards. It has also created the materials technology found in satellites and luxury composite watches (Richard Mille). The record-breaking, solar-powered aircraft “Solar Impulse” also relied on NTPT-produced materials for its epic journey.

For more information on TPT Golf™, visit or contact Mary Beth Lacy at or (760) 346-6942.



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